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CC Containers is an approved Australian and Quarantine Inspection Service Class 2.6 facility and all empty containers are inspected on arrival by our AQIS Certified container inspectors.


CC Containers staff are also trained and qualified to Department of Primary Industry standards for the inspection of empty containers to be used in the export of primary produce and foodstuffs.

IT & Communication:

CC Containers uses the tried and trusted Maximas Container Park management system which incorporates EDI linkages to all our customers for transmission of daily movements and container repairs quotations (CEDEX and Mars).

CC’s also utilizes the Containerchain truck notification system to manage truck arrivals and container bookings to and from our depot. This system also provides a range of information services to our Customers, Container Transport Operators and other port stakeholders to enhance their operations and improve supply chain efficiencies.

It is our policy is to utilize information technology wherever possible to the full benefit of all parties and to enhance the execution of our depot operations.


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